Finally, Here I Come!!!

I’ve been planning this trip for the “past 33 years” of my life…! I wanted to make this trip real in a country that I have great admiration for, the U.S.A! This is also the country where my four siblings live and where I also lived for sometime during my childhood. So, let’s call it my second home.

I’m fascinated with History, from Greek Civilization to Roman Empire, Renaissance, World War II, French Revolution, the History and Independence of my home country Brazil, the American Civil War, Contemporary History and so much more. Knowing our past is key to finding out who we really are today and where we can be in the future. Today’s fast-paced world experiences transformation at a speed never imagined before, which means that events that used to take centuries to happen, today can only take weeks, days, or even hours to take place… 

In 2011 we are seeing dictatorships losing power and developed countries with economies shaken up. Ultimately, the Globalization motto, so much discussed over the past is now so real in our lives! It’s not only a fact, but a fascinating reality. And the most intriguing of all this, is the fact people have found a powerful and effective tool over social media networking, which means that simple “posts and replies” can change whole communities, countries and the reality of so many lives! 

So, this year of 2011 I wanted to achieve something new. I paused my career at IBM, a “centennial, but young corporation,” and also one of the most admired companies in the world, a place where I’ve made lifetime friendships. My goal is to start focusing on my Masters in the US, and this goal has been somewhat delayed. As a consequence, I decided this could also be a time to “study” America on a coast-to-coast trip, crossing the Heartland and the world famous Route 66 – The Mother Road or Will Rogers Expressway. My desire is to explore this important Mother road by chatting with its local people, re-discovering places, its history and perhaps finally understanding, the effects of an economic crisis in the core of the nation that still holds great influence across modern world.

It will take planning, decision-making, adaptability, teamwork, communication, information technology and focus… Anything different from what I’ve been doing professionally over the past years?

Five thousand miles on the road and many stories to share, I’m very excited!

So, come on and join me on this journey!

Leo Politano.


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