September 8th, first stop: Sacramento, California

Arrived yesterday in Sacramento, CA where I’m spending the next days planning the last details and visiting my sweet sisters Marcia and Monica, my nephews Caio and Ian and stepmom Therezinha, before hitting the road on the next September 17th, listening to “Life Is A Highway” and “Route 66” on the background, so, nothing more appropriate!

Five thousand miles is ahead of me, but none of that would ever be possible, without the support of my lovely wife Renata, since the very beginning… This is not the reason that makes her so special to me, but due to her sweet heart, her smile, her perseverance in life, passion and care… And all of that fulfilled with lots of love! Love you!

Well, speaking on the trip, for those curious about my route, I’m about to post a map with each stop across the Mother Road and Highways: Sacramento, California’s State capital or let’s say, the Golden Coast, as American people call it. Next stop is San Francisco, also in California and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For those who never had a chance to visit: visit San Francisco once in your life, because it’s worth it! I then head to Los Angeles, the City of Angels or “La La Land”, where I begin Route 66 towards Needles, east California, next to the state line with Arizona and main entry to the Mojave Desert! Next stop in Winslow, Arizona, where you can still find a significant Native-American Navajo population, something rare today in America. I “get my kicks” onto Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October, the largest balloon festival in the world. Two hundred and ninety miles later, Amarillo – Texas is to meat as Italy is to spaghetti! Oklahoma City Metro Area will be a strategic stop to visit my younger brother and family. Tulsa becomes my next stop, one of the best towns to do business in the United States. After a short 13 mile Route 66 stretch through the state of Kansas, I arrive in the small town of Waynesville, Missouri with its 3 and a half thousand inhabitants, leaving on the next morning to Springfield, in the State of Illinois. Here is an interesting fact: According to, there are 52 cities named Springfield in America, while the whole country has 50 States. Is that due to some lack of creativity? Another interesting finding is that, this same Springfield is the city where former President Abraham Lincoln lived a significant part of his life and where today we can find a Museum to honor his memory. I finally arrive at the end of Route 66 at the Windy City – Chicago, Illinois! Next day, just one stretch all the way to historical Richmond, capital of Virginia, Orlando in Florida and at last, the Nation’s Capital – Washington, DC! I’ll also pass by Monterey and San Bernardino, both in California, Flagstaff in Arizona, Saint Louis, Missouri, among some other important cities.

I’ve set up some stops and places to visit, mostly along Route 66, where I’ll writing about it on a next post, so sit back and once again, enjoy it!


4 responses to “September 8th, first stop: Sacramento, California

  1. Hey Leo! What a great article and a great trip it will be! Let me know if you will pass us from Orlando going North… IN JACKSONVILLE FL! Drop by for a hello and a marguerita!

    • Thank you Stacey! Keep following me on this trip as I’ll be writing about it along on the road! Who knows I can make Aiden my guest from Richmond to Jacksonville and bring him down to you? Or perhaps I can stop for a sip of a margarita on my way back north… Depending of how it goes, I’ll let you know!

  2. Hi Leo, Glen got excited with your journey as well, I just have read to him now, and he reminded me about the Springfield cities and The Simpsons program!!!…hehehe…have fun my friend, and we’ll keep here with you!!!…xoxoxo

    • Oi Taisinha! Please note that every article is written in both, Pirtuguese and English, so he can read himself if he wants to or you guys can even recommend it in New Zealand to your friends and family, so check that out exploring the blog!
      Cheers, Leo.

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