09-11, a day to remember and learn…

09-11, a day to remember and learn…
Este artigo pode ser encontrado também em Português.

Today we remember the 10th anniversary of one of the worst events in Modern History and that it somehow affected each one of us, inside or outside of the United States of America. What could a foreigner like me, so connected to this country, share today with each one of you following this blog? A blog that is actually about my coast-to-coast trip through the US heartland, having Route 66 – the Mother Road, as one of its main routes?

It is a fact that the 09-11 events brought very significant consequences not only in the US, but also in the whole world. I can perfectly recall where I was, having a meeting, when someone abruptly came through the door shouting the breaking news. I can remember the silence that instantly fell from all of us for a moment. The same silence that fell from President George W. Bush, while visiting an Elementary School in Florida, later broadcasted throughout the world.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies the reasons that the Islamic fundamentalists took to execute what was done that day. Islamic fundamentalism performs a pure and literal interpretation of the Holy Books, and in my point of view, a retrograde and totalitarianism vision of the Muslim religion. It seeks to attract unhappy masses with its own society, economy, and main development, as well as so many other facts that I don’t want to delve in here. At last, I just want to say that nothing justifies…

We can’t say that even after a decade, the trauma and commotion caused by the events of 9-11 have given us a safer and more democratic world, free from the threats of political-religious radicalism. I believe that even after ten years, the United States and the world still pay a high price for everything that resulted from that day.

With more than 146,000 jobs lost due to the 9-11 attacks, almost 3,000 deaths, including workers, police officers and rescue teams in the twin towers, more than 100 billion dollars lost for the NY economy over the following month, two wars in the Middle East, the 9-11 attacks somehow made the American and European economies to become somehow more relapse and less regulated over the following years, creating a favorable environment for the 2008 financial crisis that even today, years later, affects the world and the United States, including its heartland, cut by roads through its real countryside, having the cities along Route 66 reflecting its main consequences. I’m sure that during my journey through these roads over the following weeks, I’ll get to see what’s really happening to the average American citizen at his own nest and hope to learn with each person I’ll be possible to meet.

Yes, those attacks could have been the consequence of previous trends as I wrote in the beginning of this article, but on the economic side, it seems that it was the cause of the new phenomena, that even today we still face the consequences. My wish is that these phenomena may serve as something we learn from and that it doesn’t ever happen again in the future…


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