Back on track!

Near Oatman, AZ

It’s been quite a while and I know I’ve been pretty lazy on finishing writing about my first trip across America’s Main Street – I actually need to post articles of the last two days of my trip; from St. Louis, MO to Pontiac, IL and from there to the Windy City – Chicago, IL!

Fried Onion Burger at Sid's Diner, El Reno, OK

Fried Onion Burger at Sid’s Diner, El Reno, OK

Well… The good thing about it, is the fact that, after I get to post those two remaining ones, the blog won’t be over, not at all! I just came back from another trip and at this time I was able to cruise the whole state of California on Route 66, from Santa Monica to Needles and from there to Kingman, AZ, plus, another stretch in Oklahoma, from Tulsa to Oklahoma City and a short trip from Oklahoma’s capital, to the small town of El Reno, with its seventeen thousand residents and 30 miles away – just to try the city’s most famous recipe: The fried onion burger! I consider myself a burger aficionado and at this time I couldn’t resist to devour two of those mouthwatering babies! You can find onion burger in many joints in El Reno and through Oklahoma state, but perhaps the best one and most famous is proudly made at Sid’s Diner, since its opening in 1990. THANK YOU, Bob and Marty Hall for that!

Marty Hall, his sweet wife and magic spatula! Voilà!

Marty Hall, his sweet wife and magic spatula! Voilà! (May, 2013)

My family, I and our dear friend Dan Rice, at The Counter, in LA.

In California, I introduced my family to my dear friend Dan Rice, President of the California Historic Route 66 Association and owner of 66-to-Cali. Guess what, we all had dinner at another great burger joint: The Counter. Words to describe it? Awesome, amazing and wonderful! Anything else to say? Well, it’s on my top 3 list.

That’s all by now folks, can’t wait to post some new pictures and share one of the best things America has to offer to the world: Route 66… It means history – past, present and future; it also means work, great effort, pride, great food, sights, dreams and real people, some of them the kindest and sweetest I’ve ever met!

All the joy!


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